• Prayer Times

    These are the prayer times, so everyone prays together at the same time:

    Prayer Time eg. minus one hour for Daylight Saving

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    Simply explained:​

    Everyone prays at their Winter time prayer time. -Even if it is Summer Time.
    Prayer times are for Non Daylight Saving times (winter time).
    If you are currently in a daylight saving zone, and you have put your clock forward an hour, then you pray an hour earlier, at non daylight saving time.
    e.g. If it is 9am in wintertime, and you put your clock forward to 10am, you will pray at the old time at 9am. This is to ensure that everybody prays at the same time.
    Times are based on 00:00 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

    Detailed explanation.

    In World Praying Together, people pray at many different times, but only pray at two exact moments in time. One moment for the Western Hemisphere, another for the Eastern. Prayer times are based on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) 00:00 [winter time]. This is the time you set your local praying time to. There is no Daylight Saving (summer time) change. If you live in an area that puts its clocks forward or backwards an hour, you pray at the old time, an hour previously. Calculate your praying time on the 00:00 Universal Time first, then your local time. See www.timeanddate.com or www.timeanddate.com/worldclock Around the world, spring (season) forward and fall (season) back is the rule. We have to properly counter this. So we do the opposite to this rule. Hemisphere. Pray in the time map where you live. So people in Toronto Canada, pray at 11am. However, Believers in London pray at 7pm. -But they are all praying at the same time.


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