World Praying Together - Pray for planet earth

Welcome to World Praying Together

Millions of other Christians praying for each other at the same time. This is the home of all Christians around the world, coming together to pray at the same time. We encourage you to tell your friends in your church about this. Be part of a movement of Christians around the world doing this. Increase the power of your prayers, by praying for the same things, at the same time with others. Pray for yourself, family, friends, work, local area, country or world. Pray for at least one minute. Just get started praying.

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Prayer Time eg. minus one hour for Daylight Saving
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Please note the above times are for Non Daylight Saving times (winter time).
If you are currently in a daylight saving zone, and you have put your clock forward an hour,
then you pray an hour earlier, at non daylight saving time.
eg. If it is 9am in wintertime, and you put your clock forward to 10am, you will pray at the old time at 9am.
This is to ensure that everybody prays at the same time.