Prayer Points - Your Church / Local Region

Here are some prayer suggestions:


To find a good church near you, where you can learn and: grow in Christ; for faithfulness; strength; godliness; people pray alot; people read their bibles alot; resistance to sin; living a changed life; evangelism; all gifts; increasing knowledge of God; love of God; presence of God; Pray Galations 5:22; for certain people. Also wisdom, guidance; good bible teaching; overcome emotional issues; be ready in these last days; anything else. 

Local Region, Local Government, State Government

That local and state governments make it easier to be christian; not kill us; no persecution; defend us; treat us fairly; allow church meetings; prayer meetings; bible study meetings; christian school groups; christian schools; christians in government; more christian society. Pray for how media talks about and portrays God and Christianity.