Prayer Points - Country / Government / World

Here are some prayer suggestions:

Your Country
- Pray for:  
  • More people become Christian in your country.
  • Government and society allows religio​us freedom, no persecution in your country.
  • Government show Christian values and principals.
  • Government and Society stop explicit and implicit critisism of God and Christianity. 

- Pray for:  
  • World comes to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour.
  • Growth of the Gospel in the less Christianised parts of the world - muslim, buddist, hindu, animist, ancestor worship, folk or spirit worship, jewish, emporer/king worship countries.
  • Redeeming of the Church in Europe and english speaking countries.
  • United Nation's anti-christian agenda.
  • Deliberate bad government around the world - unjust, lack of transparency.
  • That Jesus return to judge and fix the world.
  • That God would work through all our prayers prayed, through World Praying Together.
  • No time change effort, to hurt World Praying Together.
  • God would bless, protect and keep World Praying Together faithful to him. 
Current Issues:
-Pray for:
  • Current terrorism incidents. 
  • That people around the world, would see terrorism as an expansion of Satan's influence. The need to respond by being saved - with Jesus as their Lord and God. Pray for the strength and resilience of the christians in that country. For witnessing opportunities as a result of these terrorism acts or signs. For the Lord's guidance, protection and wisdom in these days. 
  • World wide refugees.
  • Persecuted churches and christians.
  • World climate and weather.
  • World economy.
  • Syria, Iraq, and other conflict areas around the world.