World Praying Together (WPT) hopes to be an important encouragement to Churches. We want to see Christians around the world fully / properly living for the Lord Jesus Christ. For small churches, this is an encouragement. For persecuted churches we are also encourageing: so many people praying together; no need to feel so alone; power of praying together. We want christians everywhere to be more hopeful to God, because of the world praying together. We want this for your church.

We know that the Lord Jesus will return. -Rev 22:12-17. We know he wants people all over the world to be saved - every tribe, every language. Rev 7:9-12. We also know so many countries have become apostate / rebelled against God, this angers him.​ -Ezekiel 20:33. Therefore, the church should become stronger, be more ready for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is in every country in the World. He is just building up his numbers. He will come very soon now. It is is hard to say when. But, he will come soon.
World Praying Together does not want to promote any Denomination. We are non denominational. We do not promote any kind of Christian Movement. If we did, then that would weaken what we stand for. Instead, we stand for God. We stand for his anointed one, the Lord Jesus Christ. We also stand for his bride - the Church. Rev 21:9. We are an encouragement to the bride.

World praying ​Together needs help. We fristly need the prayers of the saints. We need churches to pray for other people's prayers as prayer partners. We also need to build this ministry - staff, linking on social media, and finances. Please prayerfully consider this ministry. 

Thanking you sincerely,
all the best in the Lord Jesus Christ,
World Praying Together.